The Sushi Bar

Feel a part of your very own, exclusive sushi experience.  Observe the ‘dance of the kitchen’ before your eyes as you enjoy fresh, unique, and creative, sushi served by your personal sushi chef.  With only six exclusive seats available, this exceptional dining experience will be one you want to repeat time and time again. 

The Secret Garden

Discover an intimate and unique space for the most special of occasions.  Feel instantly at peace as you are seated at one of only two tables, separated by Japanese blinds, overlooking the lush gardens of the Bahia del Duque Hotel, including a small lagoon with ducks and geese cultivated over 20 years ago. 

The Ocean View

Enjoy al fresco dining on our small, romantic terrace area overlooking stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Bahia del Duque Plaza below.

The Main Event

Discover gastronomic excellence as you observe the theatre from our main dining area. Our open plan kitchen, exclusive cocktail bar and fresh sushi bar come alive around you as you as you immerse yourself in authentic Japanese cuisine.

The KENSEI Gallery

Beside the main room you will find The KENSEI gallery.  Perfect for larger group bookings or romantic meals for two.  Sliding Japanese blinds remove you from the bustle of the main room, so you can enjoy a more private and intimate dining experience.  The opulent, avant-guard design will set the mood and get you excited for your evening ahead.