About Us

About Us

Venture Group Tenerife has joined forces with world renowned & experienced chef Victor Planas and the 5-star Bahia del Duque Hotel, to create a unique, luxury restaurant designed to bring contemporary Japanese cuisine to the next level.

Joining Forces

Venture Group Tenerife has combined its passion, experience and knowledge from over 20 years in the restaurant industry with Victor’s 22 years global experience in Japanese cuisine, to create a restaurant that will not only surpass your expectations, but to create a sensational, gastronomic experience you will talk about for many years to come.

Allow your excitement to build as you prepare for the highest standards of culinary excellence possible.

Victor Planas

Executive Chef

Partner and head chef Victor Planas has created an inspirational menu unique to Kensei.  Drawing from a long career of Michelin star experience he has produced an exclusive blend of Japanese tradition and contemporary influence that defines the gastronomic excellence of his kitchen.   

Respect and harmony is at the heart of Japanese culture and this way of thinking touches every aspect of the Kensei experience.  

Master of the blade

The word Kensei holds a special meaning for us.  It is a Japanese honorary title given to a warrior of legendary skill. Victor is our master of the blade and uses only the very best tools and techniques to prepare your fish with prestige precision.  The sushi knives used by Victor hold a special significance. 

In the world of Japanese chefs, a chef is only regarded as having come of age when they not only know how to use their knife but also how to look after it properly. That is why at the end of each day, our chefs will sharpen and polish their knifes, continuing to use them with care as though they were a part of their body.


Dedication to excellence

From the mouth-watering dressings to the rich soy-sauce, from the delicious pickles to the intricate process of fermenting, everything is created by us from scratch following Chef Victor’s precise and methodical process.  

This dedication to excellence is what makes Kensei a stand-out destination and guarantees you the highest standards of Japanese cuisine every time you dine.